• Abena


Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Looking for your next vacation? Curacao is it! A guide to planning your perfect trip.

Located between Aruba and Bonaire, Curacao is a small island that boasts of rich history, eclectic cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and world-class adventure activities. This makes the island an ideal destination for any traveler. For me, I have chosen to travel to countries within the African diaspora and to patronize black owned business while abroad (blog post soon to come), so Curacao was right up my alley. But why should YOU visit? Here are my top 5 reasons to plan an incredible trip to Curacao:

5. The Most Colorful Capital in The Caribbean - Think Havana or San Juan x 10. There is a line of color that greets the waterfront in Willemstad, and colorful buildings can be found throughout the island as well. You will never be short of Insta-worthy photo ops.

4. A Foodie's Paradise - Curaçao has had a long and colorful history of different nations and cultures ruling and/or existing within its borders. This has, ultimately, led to the unique medley of Curacao cuisine.

3, Hurricane season is mild to nonexistent - Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Curaçao is underneath what is known as the “hurricane belt.” It’s very rare for the island to ever experience a hurricane.

2. Almost too much to do - Although the island is small, it's home to a variety of terrains and ecologically diverse environments. There are more than 30 beaches, wild, outback-style parks, fields of cacti, interesting caves to explore, world famous coral, bustling downtown areas with shopping, a floating market, art galleries, museums, nightlife and more.

1. A multicultural Heritage like no other - Curaçao is a true global melting pot, mixing together multiple nationalities and ethnicities over the centuries to form a Caribbean culture that is both colorful and fascinating.

These beautiful houses are located on Berg Altena near Arraratweg Street leaving Pietermaai.

Now that you're convinced, lets talk about how to get there, where to stay, and what to do.

Day 1 : You'll begin your trip by flying into Hato International Airport. Tickets out of NYC can cost as little as $200 - $250 USD round trip depending on the specific dates of travel and advance booking. If an airport shuttle is not provided by your hotel, use this amazing company for round trip pick up. Be sure to double check your booking because some how I selected 2020 instead of 2019!

I highly recommend staying in Pietermaai, the district in Willemstad most famously known for it's colorful buildings. Besides its picturesque architecture, many of the country's museums, landmarks, and unique eateries are accessible by foot if you're based here. For accommodations, check out Pietermaai Boutique Hotel, Saint Tropez Apartments and Suites, or if you're on a budget, Bed and Bike Curacao or here. I stayed at Bed and Bike because if you haven't realized this already...I'm cheap. Plus, it's modern and the dorms are intuitively designed (I'm talking privacy curtains for each bed, outlets, lamps, TWO hooks, etc). Stay in Bed and Bike's private rooms if you want to meet fellow travelers but need your own space.

Oh, and if you plan on hitting up the hottest clubs every night, then Jan Thiel might be a better option for you. (Speaking of clubs, each day of the week has a spot that's jumping, so check out local listings for an updated schedule when you arrive. My favs were Mambo Beach and Hemingway). Papayago or Santa Barbara Beach Resort are guest favorites in this neighborhood and for a budget friendly option, Bed and Bike Curacao is even opening up a new hostel here in the upcoming months.