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Updated: Mar 3

The Ultimate Guide to Black-Owned Accommodation, Tours, and Restaurants in one of Africa's most amazing Destinations

Uncover the allure of Senegal, a nation pulsating with cultural richness, natural wonders, and warm hospitality. In Dakar, supporting Black-owned businesses means more than exploring a vibrant city; it’s about fostering economic growth, preserving cultural authenticity, and experiencing the unparalleled vibrancy and diversity that sets Senegal apart. Dakar, senegal is an amazing place to visit for so many reasons. There is everything from bustling markets to the historic Goree Island. For an individual who values supporting local businesses, Senegal is the mecca. Here is my take on the best that Senegal has to offer. I will keep adding as I discover more!


1. Radisson Blu Sea Plaza Dakar:

- Description: A luxurious waterfront hotel with modern amenities, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

- Average Price: $$ - $$$

2. The Palm Boutique Hotel Dakar:

- Description: A boutique hotel blending comfort and cultural aesthetics, providing an intimate and personalized experience.

- Average Price: $$

3. Residence Cap Sud:

- Description: A cozy residence with a serene atmosphere, emphasizing a home-away-from-home experience for travelers.

- Average Price: $


1. The Jungle Dakar:

- Description: An innovative fusion of Senegalese and international cuisine in a stylish setting.

- Average Price: $$ - $$$

2. Yoka Dakar:

- Description: Yoka offers a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse menu inspired by Senegalese flavors.

- Average Price: $$

3. Chez Roger in Ngor Dakar:

- Description: A local dibitierie serving the most tender grilled lamb in the city.

+221 77 504 29 88

- Average Price: $

4. Kotao Dakar:

- Kotao is a coffee shops that specializes in healthy food options from many cuisines, highlighting local ingredients.

- Average Price: $

5. Keur Yaadikoone Ngor Island Dakar:

- Description: A gem on Ngor Island's 2nd beach, offering the best seafood with a picturesque ocean view.

- Average Price: $

6. The Original Drip Dakar:

- Description: A trendy spot for coffee enthusiasts, blending coffee culture with a modern twist.

- Average Price: $


1. Copacabana Surf Club and Restaurant Dakar:

- Description: Experience surfing, beach vibes, and delicious cuisine at this Black-owned establishment.

- Average Price: $-$$

2. The Third Dakar:

- Description: A cultural hub hosting events, live music, and showcasing local talent in the heart of Dakar.

- Average Price: Varies

3. Candle Making Brunch Touareg Candle Co.:

- Description: Engage in a creative candle-making brunch, immersing yourself in the art of handmade candles.

- Average Price: $$

4. Ban Workshop Dakar Senegal Pottery:

- Description: Unleash your artistic side with pottery workshops led by skilled artisans.

- Average Price: $$

5. Camping Senegal:

- Description: Experience nature and adventure with camping excursions organized by a passionate local team.

- Average Price: $$

6. Cafe des Artistes Dakar Paint and Sip:

- Description: Enjoy a creative evening of painting and sipping in a welcoming artistic atmosphere. This often occurs at Boma Hotel on Thursdays but the location can vary.

- Average Price: $

General Information:

- Stay updated on events happening in Dakar by following @timeoutdakar for the latest cultural and entertainment highlights.


1.Relish Africa Culinary Tours:

-Description: Embark on a culinary adventure with Relish Africa, where passionate guides lead you through the flavors of Senegal. From bustling markets to hidden eateries, this tour promises a delightful exploration of Dakar’s diverse and delectable food scene.

Average Price: $$

2.Mass Kane - Tour Guide Extraordinaire:

-Description: Meet Mass Kane, a seasoned tour guide with extensive knowledge of Dakar and its surroundings. From the historical significance of Goree Island to the mesmerizing pink waters of Lac Rose, Mass curates immersive experiences, ensuring you don’t miss the wonders of this beautiful country. Mass even host tours as south as Fathala and Gambia.

Contact: +221 77 295 24 24 via WhatsApp

Average Price: Varies based on the tour package.

Beauty and Self-Care Services:

1.Daba Plus Hair Salon:

Description: Elevate your style with professional hair care services in a chic and welcoming environment.

Average Price: $-$$

2.Onglemania Nail Salon:

Description: Indulge in great care and artistic designs, enhancing your self-expression and confidence. Please note service can be slow.

Average Price: $-$$

3.Omael Beauty:

Description: Unwind and rejuvenate with premium beauty services, including manicures and pedicures, which are quick and professional.

Average Price: $$

Last Updated 3/2/24

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