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Taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy since 1986...well actually 2016.


That's the year I started this visual diary of sorts.  Beautifully Flawed One, first the IG and later the blog, began to document my travel experiences and sharpen my photography skills.  However, over time this space evolved into so much more.



To be honest, around the inception of the blog I was figuring out who I was.  I'd left my full-time nurse management job to work remotely for an insurance company.  I was in grad school transitioning my major from Family Nurse Practitioner to Nursing Leadership/Administration.  I was questioning my faith and religious identity.  And to make things even more complicated, I decided to start dating again after a broken engagement and a few rebound flings.  Oh, and did I mention I turned 30?  Things were definitely less than perfect.

But then I planned a trip -- a solo trip to Cuba. And then another one to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  And then a longer stint in South East Asia.  And before I knew it, I was finding myself within myself, all over the world.  Traveling didn't change me, it just gave me the permission I needed to be me -- flaws and all.

Outside of self-discovery and travel, I love social/political commentary, justice work, fashion DIYs, food, and Beyonce.  I live in Philadelphia, PA with my exceptional chihuahua, Jackson.  You can often find me at the gym or connecting with friends during my downtime if I'm not planning my next getaway.

For the foreseeable future, I'll be on a mission to passionately search for beauty throughout Africa and the diaspora (and to help you do that too). Why? For Black people, I believe that traveling to nations in Africa and the diaspora is one of the cheat codes to self-love.  For our allies, traveling to said places counteracts the societal biases that we've all been subjected to.  

Let's explore together,

- Abena

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