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The Traveling Hat

The Traveling Hat

$64.99 Regular Price
$32.50Sale Price

Turn heads and set trends with this oversized, top-quality wide brim hat. No sunny vacation is complete without this statement piece but, it can also be worn anywhere you want to make an entrance!

The hat is 80cm or 31.5in in diameter, with a crown circumference of 58cm or 22.75in. This hat is still big head friendly despite the small crown size. Our model is wearing the hat on the top of her head since her hair and head circumference is larger than that of the hat.

This hat has a metal wire in the brim that allows the owner to wear the hat in many different styles. Its dual-layer of fine woven staw and other materials allows the hat to offer UPF 50+/SPF 30+ sun protection which makes it as functional as it is beautiful.

Wondering how you will travel with this beauty? Fold the left and right sides so that they overlap the center or crown of the hat, then fold the bottom and top portion into the center.

Don’t let your new piece lose it's flare by wearing it wrinkled. To revive your hat, use an iron on the cotton or linen setting with steam. Spot clean the hat with cold water when needed.