What if your next vacation helped you discover your authentic self?  At Beautiful Escapades*, we start with the radical notion that travel is meant to be life altering, then we reverse engineer an itinerary and guest list that will facilitate just that.  Each trip is curated with unique experiences which challenge our limitations, broaden our perspectives, foster deep connections, and provide personal insight/clarity/direction.    


You might be thinking, "Is this one of those zen retreats?"  Not at all sis!  The thing that makes a Beautiful Escapade unique is how we pair exhilarating activities with meaningful conversations that both our guests and local guides participate in (voluntarily).  So whether you're on a catamaran dancing the afternoon away, learning to whip up a traditional meal, sunbathing on a white sand beach, or zip lining across lush terrain, we encourage dialogue around our Beautiful Escapade tenants: courage, affirmation, hope, liberation, and connection.  

And just like that, in an environment that supports vulnerability and encourages openness, you'll be amazed how a 5 to 10 day vacation can literally change your life.

* At this time, Beautiful Escapades are for women only.

Image by Humphrey Muleba
Image by Sylvia Szekely
Image by Med J
Image by Randy Fath


FALL 2021

On this immersive 8-day East African adventure, you’ll experience some of the most unique wildlife, landscapes, and culture that the world has to offer. With local guides at the helm, you'll be sure to make deep connections, explore breathtaking scenery, enjoy amazing food/accommodations, and a genuine insight into this region's way of life.

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